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  • Akash TrackMe Vehicle Tracking Service

  • Keep you motobike safe with our bike tracker

  • Akash Security keeps your home and office safe

FastDrive Ride Sharing Service is now Available!

With this service a Rider can earn up to 4000 Tk every day and the passengers can have a wonderful journey.

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Products AND Services

Akash TrackMe

TrackMe Vehicle Tracking service helps you track yor vehicles from your computer or mobile phone and eventually helps to manage them.

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Akash FastDrive

A Ride Sharing service with low cost and higher benefits, offers and easy to use mobile application for partners and customers.

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Akash Dos2

Texting, Voice or Video call your friends and family for free with low data usage and end-to-end data encryption. Build your own community.

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Akash Wallet

Why carry cash when you can pay for everything using your mobile phone. From mobile recharge to booking a flight, all sorts of payments can be done.

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Akash Security

Products from Akash Security includes IP Cameras, DVR and all accessories required to keep your Home or Office safe.

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Our Company Vision

Highest Technology at the Lowest Price.

At Akash Technology Ltd. we are constantly focusing on new innovations so, that we can bring out great products to our customers. We also seek to provide dependable services for which we expect returning customers. Our mission is to provide the best possible technology that is available on the market and deliver it to our customers at the lowest price possible. We are reactive to our customers needs and take action in a professional and timely manner. We also try to recognise our customers and partners needs as we consider them as the only asset for our success.

Our Company Mission

Akash Technology Ltd. is a tech company with an in-house production capacity along with a team of brilliant innovators.

1. Our mission with Akash TrackMe is to bring our new features that the country has still not seen at the same time provide a stable service at an economical rate.

2. With Akash Wallet we hope to revolutionise the payment eco-system and hope that at one point carrying cash will be something unusual.

3. Akash FastDrive hopes to create new possibilities for the passengers, drivers and expect to make transportation more secure, economical, profitable and reliable.

4. With Akash Dos2(Dosto) we hope our users to meet new people and socialise more and build up their own strong community.

5. With Akash Security we seek to provide the products to keep your home or office safe at an affordable price and at top-notch quality.

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